2 activation buttons for Maul saber

My first build. I’m working on converting my Darth Maul dual sabers. For each saber, I want two momentary activation buttons; one top and one bottom. I could use a bit of advise, or a wire diagram be honest. Thanks any and all.

Converting from what?
Do they not already have 2 buttons?
This page shows pretty simply how 2 buttons get wired to a Proffieboard:

I’m converting my Hasbro sabers.

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Can you run two POW buttons in the config instead of one POW one AUX?

If you mean you want to have two buttons both act as power, then just wire them both to the same button pad.

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Might be better to put them on separate pads, and program them both as power buttons, like:

Button PowerButton(BUTTON_POWER, powerButtonPin, "pow");
Button PowerButton2(BUTTON_POWER, auxPin, "aux");

That way it’s really easy to re-program it to do something else later.


However, if what you want is one power button per blade, it’s going to be a bit more difficult as that is not actually supported in ProffieOS right now. (You would have to add code for it.)

This is what I meant.

I had an idea for this for future board revisions…

Would it be worth explioring the idea of having a pad on the board that lets you network them? So, soldering two boards so they can control each other? For example, you’d wire two power switches for each board, where one ignites one blade, the other ignites the blade for both boards?


The Rx/tx pads can already be used to hook up two boards together. However, you would also need to write some code that does something with it.

The V3 board has 3 serial ports…

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I figured as much. Thanks. I’ve decided I’m just going to have one kill switch and one power

That would be awesome !

Thanks, all who replied. That’s exactly what I did and works just fine.