2.1mm charger port will not charge, saber has power when plugged in

This is copy-paste from my post on Reddit with the same issue, figured I would get some luck here.

Title is a little limiting, so I’ll explain in detail here. I recently installed a saberforge Bastion Shoto hilt with Proffie, neopixel setup included. I purchased a 2.1mm recharge port from TheSaberArmory which is designed as replacement for saberforge charger ports. After wiring the saber as per these instructions provided by TheSaberArmory. Due to the nature of the wiring setup I have 4 wires wired to the battery+/board+ pad, which are connected to the battery positive, board positive, neopixel connector positive, and neopixel button positive (which is where they should be connected according to the wiring setup).

Here’s my dilemma: I have a kill key that, when inserted into the charge port, cuts power to the entire saber. This is normal for charge ports. However, this should also be the case for the power cable. When plugged in, the power should be completely cut from the saber, and it should charge the battery.

What is actually happening is when the charger is plugged in, the power cuts halfway through inserting the power cable, but when fully plugged-in power is restored, and battery reads full. What I believe is happening is the extra juice from the cable is either entirely powering the board or the charger is powering the battery, which is powering the board, neither should happen when plugged in. When the cable is removed, halfway though removing the cable the power is cut again and then when the cable is fully removed power is restored.

Also, to be noted is that the battery will NOT charge. I thought it was the cable at first (I was originally using standard LGT chargers because I have a ton of them) but they’re a bit longer than the depth of the charger port, so I ordered a dedicated charger from TheSaberArmory which when I plugged in had the exact same issues, it just fits a bit better. The battery is brand new, as well as all the parts I used to install so there should be zero issues there. This isn’t my first install as well.

Is this a coding issue, or is something wrong with my wiring? Maybe the charger port is faulty? I’m just confused and a little frustrated because I spend over $400 on parts for this saber and the instant I finished it, I was unable to use it for videos or spinning due to the already low battery.

My guess is that you swapped the “board-” and “battery-” wires. It might be something else, but that would exactly match the results you are describing. (Or maybe you did it right, but the instructions are wrong?)

That’s the confusing part, the way the diagram is marked has the battery+ and board+ wires soldered together at the same place, so what might be happening is the battery is actually getting cut off, but the power is directly going to the board. I’m going to have to open this thing back up and look at some other diagrams. Weird.

The + wires are probably fine.
I’m talking about the negative wires.

oh. Now that you mention it it would probably be pretty easy to mess that up… I’ll double check when i take it apart tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted

swapped the wires, and it’s both charging and functioning as a killswitch! Can’t wait to get this thing fully charged. Thanks for the help man