Zadig proffie usb 인식 ᅲᅲ

My proffie board doesn’t recognize it even when connected to zadig. Even if I press the reset button and the power button, it is not recognized. I think the USB is also for data transfer, but it keeps not being recognized… …

Are you connecting directly to the Proffieboard, or to some charging plug on the saber?

When you are pussing boot+reset, do you do it in the right order?
(Hold BOOT, press and release RESET, then release BOOT)

Are you sure your USB cable works? (and can transfer data, not just power)

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If the SD card is the problem, will it work if I just buy any SD card sold on the market and insert it into my proffie board? (After copying the original file) I’m going crazy… …

SD card will not prevent zadig from working.

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As shown in the video, connect to the computer and press the buttons in order, then hold the boot button and click the reset button. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ There is no response from the computer… . Do I need to install the battery?

네가 모를 경우를 대비해서, 내 프로피 보드 원본을 공유할게. 난 많은 도움이 필요해 ᅮᅮ 계속 오류가 나… si=7jSZGpoBUxTD10fM

I don’t think you did it right, because the green LED will become very very weak in bootloader mode. I suggest finding a small piece of plastic to press the buttons with. (A 2x8 flat piece of LEGO is ideal)

You do not need to connect the battery.

I pressed the buttons in the right order… I’m really sure. I can tell because I’ve been doing this all day. I can tell because I feel the buttons when I press them. It really doesn’t recognize my board.

I solved it. I found a solution all night long. As you said, it was a USB data cable problem! Thank you :slight_smile:

LEGO blocks are a good idea (shame i don’t have any). I’ve been using cocktail toothpicks–the ones with a flat round head on one end–but they are so small and my eyesight isn’t what it was when I was young. I’m thinking of 3d printing something specific–two pillars spaced the exact distance apart–either a solid structure to use with a rocker motion, or bendy so they can be pressed in the sequence needed. Does any one have any other suggestions (apologies for bifurcating this thread).

I actually recommend something with a flat edge rather than something with two points. I haven’t tried it, but I’m thinking that a credit card might work well. If things are in the way, then maybe just take some scissors and trim off the corners until you have something that works?


Are you sure it’s not just connecting as a Proffieboard?
Do you see it in Arduino under menu Tools>Port?
If yes, you can just send RebootDFU from Serial Monitor to put it in bootloader mode.
Also, did you try bypassing all the Zadig nonsense and just run proffie-dfu-setup.exe?

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After spending hours of trying different things this finally fixed my issue. “Port” was greyed out in the tools tab. My PC would only recognize STM32 Bootloader, it would not the proffie or port. Thank you so much NoSloppy!

Not sure what I did but your welcome Bobby!

For what it’s worth, I weren’t through the grey port debacle for a couple days and tried every single thing … Except one…

The data cable was being seen as a WINUSB driver, when it should be a USB.SYS driver. Once the correct driver was utilized, it was as easy as cake on Sunday.

That was my fault, as I initially used zadig incorrectly.

Anyways, hope that helps someone.
Happy new year,
May the force be with y’all.

Thanks for the J.C.
Happy New Years!