Would be useful to map “Stripes” blade style width as number of pixels

Not just a float value, otherwise can’t really control them precisely…

Number of pixels is also not very precise.
What if you want it to be 3.7 pixels?

Usually such precision is not warranted though.
I assume this is to make something like a ring?

Have you read this comment?

It’s not the most convenient, but it works.

I have only 16 pixels in the ring and when I put width 1, it’s still too much, lower values don’t work, and higher values are too much… I want the width of the strip to be exactly 1 pixel, I don’t know when I’m gonna need 3.7 pixels…

Where do I find NUM_COLORS and REPETITIONS ?

NUM_COLORS is the number of colors in your Stripes<>
REPETITIONS is how many times you want the colors to repeat.

Example, if your colors are Red, Green, Blue and you want them to repeat one time, the value should be: \frac{50000 * 16}{3 * 1 * 341} = 782

So, it would be Stripes<782, Red, Green, Blue>


** Raises hand ***
So…where did 341 come from?

I don’t understand what does “how many times you want it to repeat” means, I want it to play continuously, also I have a speed set to 0. I tried different values from 0 to 10000000, non of them look as 1 pixel….

If repeat is one, then your circle is R, G, B, start over. If repeat is two, then your circle is R, G, B, R, G, B, start over, etc.

Sounds like you’re trying to make your stripes exactly one pixel wide though. I’m not sure that’s going to work well with Stripes since it does a fair amount of blending between colors. That said, if you want one pixel wide, you would need the number of colors to be something that divides 4, or it will look weird. However, you could try something like:

Stripes<146, 0, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow>

In this case the four colors will repeat four times around the circle, so each stripe will be 1 pixel wide. Although I’m not sure how much blending there will be between colors, becuase they might not line up exacly with the pixels.

Or maybe I’m just misunderstanding what you’re trying to do?

Sounds like a job for LinearSectionF.

All I want to do is light up only 1 color for 1pixel stripes with 1 pixel Black inbetween, speed should be 0, so they are not moving.

Maybe try Stripes<146, 300, Red, Black, Red, Black>` ?
Or set up each ring of 8 as SubBladeWithStride skipping 1, and just do alternating black/red?

I think a Gradent with 16 colors will work better for this. I think it configured it specifically to make 1:1 mappings possible.

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That’s an interesting idea, I’ll try it, thanks :thinking: