Wiring BladeID

I think to remember that for doing BladeID without a second Dataline, Proffie supported putting an SMD resistor between DATA and LED - before the 330 Ohms resistor. Am I right?
I’m using the ShtokCustomWorx ECO NPXL on the hilt side and TCSS Blade PCB on the blade side. I’m assuming that if I put a single SMD (would a metric 0603 2KR+ be enough or do I need something that can take more like a Watt?), between the center and one NEGATIVE pad would be enough.
If so, how should I configure the config for it to enable Blade ID?
An interesting issue with the ECO version of the hilt side pcb is that it has 5 NeoPixels wired in parallel. So, it will stop detecting the 2k+ resistor when you unplug the blade, but will still “see” the 330R one. Would this add any difficulty?

An SMD resistor is fine, you don’t need something that can handle current/watts.

However, it sounds like what you want is blade detect, not blade ID. Blade detect let’s proffieos know when a blade is connected or disconnected, while blade ID let’s proffieOS tell the difference between different blades. So if you have one 28-inch blade and one 40-inch blade, you can have different configurations for them using blade ID.

Blade detect requires a free pogo pin. Not sure if the ECO version has enough pogo pins for that.

All is described in the Proffieboard v2.2 User Manual, please look there.