Which is sound file for track names?

Which file or command (in the config file) controls the sound clip that plays when you select a track?

For example, I have a 1 button setup so with the blade off I double click the button and the track plays. Before the track plays it plays a sound clip and pretty much on all of my fonts it says “luke.” I want to remove this sound clip or change it to another one. How do I do that? My config is attached. Thanks

myconfig4.h (141.9 KB)

You’re probably hearing “loop”. You should probably read the controls for my prop, you’re going into Track Player but don’t have a “tracks” folder set up so it loops your default track automatically. If you just want the default Track to play once use the appropriate control.

The sound file is “mloop.wav” It is most likely in your common folder.
In OS7 you can just use this define as well, then no prompts will play.


See Set Up for Track Player and controls for more info.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks !