Where to purchase?

Anybody know where I can purchase a few Proffieboards? Preferably v2.2? I can’t find them anywhere. Is this due to a COVID related parts shortage or just that a v3 is coming out?


State side I dont know but I think saber armoury over here in GB might still have some

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Thanks, I saw them. Was hoping for something in the US but I don’t see it. :disappointed:

No US sources right now that I’m aware of.
KR sabers (GB) and Artekit (IT) are the only ones I’ve seen advertising available supplies recently, and they will probably not last long.

There’s a global chip shortage at the moment, so options are limited.

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From what I’m told, the chip shortages are not going to get better for months, so if you need boards, I recommend getting them now. There is no guarantee that any will be available for a while.

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Sigh…I broke down and bot 2. Ya’ll got me strung out on this stuff :rofl:

well it official, SaberArmory has sold out of proffieBoards :sob: and to think i was going to nab one on tuesday when i got paid :pleading_face:

Looks like the whole world will now be waiting for fresh supplies or even the new V3 board!

just had an email from Kahl at SaberArmory and he said they cannot get hold of the chips to make more boards so will be out of stock for the foreseeable future.

The V3 design does not solve the world-wide chip shortages unfortunately. It’s not clear if there will be chips available for V3 boards or not.

wow…guess the two boards I ordered are it for a while

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Have you tried Custom darkwolf sabers?

Just checked and they are all out too😭

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Yeah there’s a silicone shortage due to covid.

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Saber Armoury had them very briefly but soon sold out again. Have set up an email alert for stock but may be a while :disappointed:

Silicon. Silicone is… something else.


Yes but it’s a major component to all chipsets and as a result there’s a global shortage. It’s not just sabers it’s all electronics that are affected.

It’s not a silicon shortage, it’s a fab production slots. There was a perfect storm of new releases (think PS5, XBox, graphic cards, phones, etc.) right when the pandemic hit. All the industrial manufacturers suspended their future orders thinking nobody would buy cars, industrial equipment, etc. for a while. And all consumer products had ridiculous demand for home use and filled every single silicon fab production slot for the next year. Now automotive and other industrial equipment picked up demand much faster than anticipated and thus the particular components that Proffie uses are either in ridiculous demand with no production batches for the next few months or simply in higher demand by bulk buyers (think automotive, phones, drones, etc.), so the small component distributor is crowded out by the big guys.

either way i think we will be waiting for quite some time, shame it had to be right on the precipice of the V3 board release!

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It’s always at the precipice of something though. :slight_smile: