What's the minimum clash threshold can be adjusted and or set to?

I have a new build DV6V3 with a monster 31mm speaker protruding right underneath the board, and a volume of 2500 and was up to clash threshold of 7 running OS 6.9 due to false clashes with blaster effects… And it still wasn’t 100% reliable.

Decided to give the 7.6 beta a try because clash suppression sounded promising, and I didn’t want to turn the speaker down. Well, it’s not exactly working out.

I’m not even using clash suppression at all, and have my clash threshold set at 0.001… that’s not a typo. It is still requiring a decent whack to trigger a clash, however the false clashes are completely gone.

At this point, it feels like the board is just mocking me, that sensitivity is ridiculous right?

Any ideas? This is my first saber running the beta.

That’s… weird.
Are you sure you’re not using a dynamic clash threshold saved in global.ini or something?
Do you have KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING in you your config file?

No, I’m doing it old school, all setup done through config with no edit mode. No *.ini files on my SD Card. I am running the Fett prop file, but not really utilizing any of the features in this particular config.

Just wanna say that your clash detection rework in 7.* definitely made a difference on this particular build.

There is some suppression going on by default, maybe that’s why you can get a way with having it essentially zero.

We suppress clashes a little based on the audio volume, and also a little based on the swing speed.
The former is controllable with the AUDIO_CLASH_SUPPRESSION_LEVEL define. You could try setting it to 0, or 1 or something. (Default is 10)

Ok, so without the define added, it defaults to audio_clash_suppression_level 10 is what you are saying?

That is what I (and the documentation) are saying.

Ok, I missed that part. That was the solution. I added the define for suppression and set it at 20, with a clash_ threshold of 4 for my very first attempt.

That was too much so I //'d the define for suppression out, and started working with the clash threshold only, mistakingly thinking that I had turned off the audio_clash_suppression.