What is the most Blade Styles one can have in a config?

I’m curious as to the max blade styles one an have in their config on a v2.2 board? Considering the limited memory space, I’m assuming there is a limit. I’m also sure that it depends on the blade styles used in the config as well given that the more layers, etc on a style the more memory space is used up.

I have like 20+ Kyberphonic and JuanSith fonts and a bunch of blade styles. Can one fit 20+ styles or what?

Depends entirely on the styles used and how efficient they are cumulatively as well as how many “blades” you have. On top of the styles themselves, mixing syntaxes like OS5 and OS6 together will waste memory compared to building all styles in the OS6 library (which is heavily optimized).

In addition, some styles included with Fonts are not very efficient and mixing them in with library styles will reduce the available memory.

Note you can also build “Option” styles in the library and then use Copy Preset functionality in Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench to use a single style with multiple combinations of options that can create thousands of unique presets. If you’re looking for large quantities of presets and fonts the Option Styles are the most efficient way to support (within reason). The library will let you know how many unique combinations are available on the styles you build, allowing for hundreds or thousands of presets (in theory).

In testing for OS6 I easily fit more 30 optimized styles from the library, so 20 should be feasible.

Here’s a video covering Option styles and usage in the library.

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