What causes the lightshow during uploads?

Yes I searched and I don’t see it answered.

I’ll get these lightshows occasionally during an upload. Similarly if the blade is plugged in it will ignite but no sound. Board is of course off and no I won’t just tap the power or aux button mid-upload. Is it just a random thing? The board works fine with zero issues.

Link to video I took last night: https://www.instagram.com/p/CRqZFf7nPMm

So, this is while copying data to/from the sd card, right? Not while programming?
Have you checked what the serial monitor says?
Do you have some sort of gesture ignition configured?

My suspicion is that copying files is slowing down proffieOS a lot, making the gesture stuff unreliable and causing the saber to ignite. Once it ignites, no sound is played because the SD card is not available. (Because it’s being used by the computer.) Not sure what’s causing the LEDs to blink like that, but it could be related to the slowdown as well.

Check the serial monitor while copying data, if a gesture ignition is happening, it will print something out at that time.

I get the same thing. It’s like the blade ignites when the board is plugged in.

So what does the serial monitor say?

Wasn’t in a position to worry about running SM at the time since I needed to get the fonts loaded and saber tested. If it reappears I can try to catch a recording, or someone else can if it happens more often with their setups.