Weird wiring configuration

Hey, so heres my dilema, i have illuminated momentary buttons that i want to use on my proffie build, but i dont know how to wire it for it to light up. Would the hook up to the accent lights? I dont know.
Additionally, no diagram ive seen, works with a two cable, charge port that i have. Would love some help. Also, if anyone knows where to go to map these out, that would also be a big help

First, you need to determine if the LED in the button is a standard, single color LED (most likely), a tri-color RGB LED, or a addressable pixel LED.
Which version Proffieboard is is?
If it’s a v2.2, see page 14 of the manual here:

As far as your charge port goes, it depends on what you’re trying to do which is unclear in your question.
Is it already wired and you’re trying to draw a wiring diagram of how it is already?
Or do you have a 2 leg port you are trying to install?

Does this help?

I have a two leg port that i know works from a xeno i vultured parts from. But the only diagrams I’ve found required three feet at least so I’m stumped.

Those boards and builds straight up wire a charger directly to the battery with just positive and negative. There’s no regard for safeguarding the board or turning off power while charging or anything like that. They’re not wired very well. I would just get a proper, internally switched charge port or use an external battery charger possible.

A two-leg port can be hooked up directly to + and - on the battery.