WebUSB ProffieOS Workbench questions

  1. Any idea why when editing a preset, only the root level fonts show as choices? Any subdirectory nested fonts (Inquisitor/Reva for example) are not available in the list.
    My presets that match the SD card contents:
{ "2ndSistr;common;commonBU", "a_INQUISITOR/tracks/Enter_The_Inquisitor.wav",
{ "a_INQUISITOR/VengefulYoungling;common;commonBU", "a_INQUISITOR/tracks/Inquisitor_Theme.wav",
{ "a_INQUISITOR/Inquisitor;common;commonBU", "a_INQUISITOR/tracks/Inquisitor_Duel.wav",
{ "9thSistr;common;commonBU", "a_INQUISITOR/tracks/Inquisitor_Theme.wav",
{ "aa_Blueforce/LiquidStatic;common;commonBU", "",
{ "aa_Blueforce/CyberAssassin2;common;commonBU", "",
{ "aa_Blueforce/TempleGuardian;common;commonBU", "",
{ "aa_Greyscale/Omen_Greyscale;common;commonBU", "",
{ "aa_HarrySolo/DESTABILIZE;common;commonBU", "",
{ "aa_JayDalorian/Decimate;common;commonBU", "",
{ "aa_Juansith/HATE;common;commonBU", "",

and a video showing what the Workbench is doing:

  1. How difficult would it be to have a text edit option that would allow us to open config.ini, smoothsw.ini and even presets.ini?
    That could be really convenient to make font config edits without having to Mass storage mount, or remove the SD card.
  1. ProffieOS workbench uses the command list_fonts to find all the available fonts. It does not look in subdirectories currently.

  2. Not overly difficult. The hardest part might be to make sure that the file transfer is reliable without eating up too many bytes of program memory. The file transfer could potentially be used for other things as well, including uploading fonts. (Although it would be VERY slow…) I suppose we could use a define to control it, I don’t think everybody would want to edit these files directly and may prefer to save the memory.

Maybe I meant more like the way presets.ini is read and written currently. Would that use memory to do?

If there were a box similar to the way the style arguments are but for config.ini , showing the humStart, ProffieOSClashImageDuration etc…
That the values could be edited and saved.

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Yes, it would use memory.
Now, all ProffieOS save files have an interface that would let me go change variables, we would just have to add a get/set command for each save file. However, config.txt / smoothsw.ini are never actually saved (and shouldn’t be since those values are supposed to come from the font maker) so any changes made through that interface would be temporary.

Currently the get/set interface is only used by the fett263 prop to control things like swing ignition if I remember correctly.