WavLen in OS5.9

Which parts of OS6 do I need to use to add WavLen to OS5? I don’t want to sell a saber with an alpha software on it but love WavLen and would like the saber to have it. I know WavLen has been added to a previous OS by Brian Conner so I assume it’s doable!

It’s not that simple.
The way I implemented WavLen in OS6 requires a fair number of changes through a bunch of files.
You fan see the changes I made here:

There is also at least one bugfix you would need:

The previous WavLen implementation was different, and perhaps easier to add. Or, maybe just dig up the fork that had the wavelen code and use that.

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Thanks for your help. I’ll see what I can do!

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The fork is absolutely the easier route for those who wish to avoid editing code.