Wake up when picked up

I have a CFX and struggled getting it to wake up when I pick up the hilt. I’ve tried all three settings in the Crystal FX app and no luck. I must be missing a setting?

Mate, this is a Proffieboard-specific forum. You might have better luck over on the CFX Facebook group.

I posted there to. This is only for proffie…in all of the sections? I posted this on the general saber section.

There is no rule that says that this is a Proffie-only forum.
It’s just happens to be a forum run by the creator of the proffieboard, so it’s obviously fairly proffieboard-centric. I have nothing against people asking CFX-related questions here, but I’m not going to try to answer them myself.

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Yeah I’m not saying Proffie-only. I said Proffie-specific, so you’re less likely to get answer to questions about other boards. I was just suggesting trying somewhere more CFX minded to get the answer.