Updated BOM?

Im looking to order the SMD components. I looked at the BOM generated from the KiCad files, as well as the Google Drive sheet linked here. After searching for some of these parts, Ive found out that quite a few have been marked as obsolete by Digikey and are no longer being offered. Is there an updated BOM somewhere? Or a list of suitable substitutes? I am not super great at circuit design, but I do know enough to generate the gerber files, order the stencil and solder the components. So I apologize if this is a stupid question.

It’s not a stupid question, and finding replacement parts is a large and difficult part of making electronics.

There is not an updated BOM, but I can maybe help with finding replacement parts. There was also a thread on TRA recently that had some suggestions in it.

Ok, I am in no rush. I appreciate your offer to help!

Here is a list of the ones I’ve found that appear to be discontinued:

(Sorry the forum wont let me post more than two links, so I put down the manufacturer part number)

  • ST2012SB32768Z0HPWB4
  • CRA04S04322R0JTD

Most of the other parts are simply out of stock. I may just end up putting this project off until the chip shortage works itself out. I’m gonna have to find a substitute for probably 70% of the items on this list lol.

Anyways, appreciate the help.

This thread has some suggestions for the crystal:

For the motion chip, LSM6DSM or LSM6DS3TR-C would be viable replacements.

The 2x22 ohm resistor needs a little bit more research. Anything from 18 ohm to 33ohm should work fine though.

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Thank you! Digikey made some suggestions at the bottom of the page for the crystal. The specs were the same, but I was worried about the footprint. So this helps a lot! Thanks!

In case anyone else cares, this appears to be nearly identical to the 2x22 ohm resistor that is obsolete: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/panasonic-electronic-components/EXB-24V220JX/256198