Unexpected ProffieOS 6.7 compile errors

I just upgraded one of my configs to ProffieOS 6.7 and am seeing unexpected errors related to the (Fett263 6.5 and up) blade styles when compiling in Arduino.

Example errors:

Config file:

Any assistance would be highly appreciated and thanks!

The config you posted doesn’t generate any errors for me, are you sure that’s the one you’re uploading?

Also, you’re missing “common” in your presets, with my prop this is required so be sure you’ve read through the top section of the .h or this page to set up for using my prop in OS6.

Thanks much. Yes it is the same file. Just making sure, is this how I would implement the new common syntax?


“font” would be the actual font name from your SD, so if your font is named “Menace” then it would be:

{ "Menace;common", "Menace/tracks/fates.wav", 
StylePtr<...>(), "preset name" },

Of course you need the “common” folder on your SD in the root directory and you’d need the “tracks” folder inside the “Menace” font to properly correspond.

Thanks! I assume the “preset name” can just be any value correct?

Yup, whatever you want

Thanks again for all your help, it is much appreciated. For some odd reason I still get all the same errors.

Close Arduino completely, then open the ProffieOS folder that the config you are editing is actually in and double click ProffieOS.ino so you know you’re uploading the version you’re updating.

Thanks, I did all that including rebooting the laptop.

It turns out there was some corrupted files in my new 6.7 ProffieOS folder. The issue was resolved by unzipping a new ProffieOS folder and copying over the .h file into the new ProffieOS/config directory. Thank you again for all your help!

You’re welcome, glad you figured it out.