Troubleshooting Proffie that isn't being recognized at all on my computers

I’ve tried quite a few things, and have gone through 4 different USB-C cords, including 2 that are USB-IF certified and definitely are data transfer cables. No matter which cables I try, my System Report → USB area of my Mac never registers that anything is there. I’ve tried the BOOT + RESET trick with no change.

One odd thing I noted today: when I try a USB-C to USB-A cable which is connected to my Mac’s USB-C port via an Apple adapter, the proffie lights up and makes a noise to let me know it’s receiving some kind of power. But the 2 new USB-IF certified cables that are USB-C to USB-C and doesn’t connect via the adapter has no visible effect on the Proffieboard when plugged in - no light, no sound.

Is it possible something is fried on the board? The saber ignites just fine when the battery is inserted; it’s only when I’m attempting to connect it to my computer that nothing is happening.

This is a prebuilt LGT Proffie core, by the way; not sure how important that detail is.

Any input or assistance would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!

Proffieboards don’t have USB-C, only micro-usb.
I suggest contacting LGT to see if they can help you.

If you’re plugging into a USB-C port on an LGT saber, that is for charging the battery.
Program the board with a micro USB on the board itself.