Tri-Split Blade Effect? (Flag Colors)

Love the basic split blade effect, but how hard would it be to split the blade in 3? Red, White & Blue for flag colors (Or any three flag colors)

Just wondering as it would be fun to bring saber to party on Monday for us USA folks.

Multiple ways to do, try this:


Or something like this:


I could get the first one to verify, but couldn’t figure out why 2 won’t. Gives me “unexpected token” in front of different characters and trying to figure it out, I got stumped.

Oops, extra bracket at the end, fixed above.

I am done enough fixing, and I SAW that error and tried to remove it, but for some reason it didn’t work, until you fixed it above…


These work, but I gotta figure out, how to actually make them power on, etc. When I select them as a preset, they are just lit.

Is there a more modern editor that allows you to paste in code, and see it like your site? The old one (Style Editor) doesn’t seem to work.

If you click the styles above it will take you to Editor. You can add InOutTrL and other effect layers as you want, those were just simple Base layers.