Tiny Possible Bug Report...?

In keeping with tradition, I may have discovered a tiny bug’ette…

On presets where the crystal is set to be OFF with the main blade off, it lights up blue on bootup. Once I’ve lit the blade up once, it sorts itself out and everything behaves as expected. It does the same with my fancydan new blade plug charger (Thanks Baldusi! :+1: :slight_smile: :ok_hand: ) as I’ve set the hilt to recognise it via BladeID, but when I remove the charger, it seems to count as a reboot and I get the spurious lit crystal again.

But on presets where the crystal is set to pulse with the main blade OFF, everything works correctly, including bootups.

So looks like the crystal LED is getting a rogue data instruction somewhere, or else it’s interpretting something from positive or negative as an instruction in the absence of a genuine data line instruction.

The crystal LED is a different byte order from the rest. It has its own data line (data 4) but shares negative (LED 4) and positive (3.3 volts) with three other accents - those other three accents use Data 3 and are coded as sub-blades. Both of these arrays have a 330 ohm data line resistor added.

Here’s a video showing the symptoms:

And the config is here:

No biggie, but thought I should flag it. It could of course be something I’ve done, in which case, so much the better as once I know, I can swerve it next time.

Many thanks as always.

I’ve found a workaround which is to set the crystal blade style to pulse between black and black with the blade off. This forces the crystal to receive a pulse instruction which sorts everything out.

I think the issue is the same as when you test a pixel by holding the data wire to the pad, then when you remove the wire, the pixel gets stuck on the last scrap of data it received and just stays lit until it gets some fresh data.

I’m just not sure why it’s doing it in this case. But as I say, no biggie.