The Web programmer page. Might be good for brand nubians
Does it really work?
It looks stuck at Please wait, compiling.... (this may take a couple of minutes) for…many minutes now on a default config from the page, and I even removed all but 2 presets.

This “forgotten” gem might get some traffic soon if it works right.

What OS does it upload?
Do the benefits of the 3.6.0 Arduino plugin apply?
Can a progress bar be added, or some verbosity?

Also, the “Got Pike?” link is broken.


Oh. now it’s working!
Progress bar and console activity galore :crazy_face: :+1:

Erasing DFU device memory

Copying data from browser to DFU device

Wrote 221624 bytes

Manifesting new firmware

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Does it turn on Mass Storage and/or WEB USB by default?

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It does progress bars!.

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ok but doesn’t seem right.
SD card always busy, but never mounts to computer.
Installation date always shows Valentines day, 2021.

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Day-after summary:
I uploaded a default config (like when you first land there) and it sent OS5.8, but serial monitor showed SD card was always busy as if it uploads Mass Storage option, but yet never mounted to the computer.

Also, connection was hit or miss, requiring a page shift+refresh usually, and I don’t think it’ll spit out an error if the config has issues, it just doesn’t do anything.
So…a cool back burner project that maybe someday gets brought up to speed @profezzorn?

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It’s fairly easy to update it, but I do forget to do it.
It’s weird that the SD card has problems with it though.

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I think it could be really convenient especially for those who really aren’t computer savvy for installing a bunch of stuff and just want to turn on a gesture or something by uploading a config.
Does it send mass storage as on?
That’s how it’s behaving. Like it’s mounted to the computer, but it’s not. I did not try it with battery power. Only USB in a standalone unwired board with an SD card in it.
Same boardtbehaves normally when uploaded via Arduino with current OS, USB type:serial only.
I have more observations if you care. Google apis and advertising isn’t happy.

As far as haphazard connection goes, always gets stuck on the same line in the console showing console.error.log. (DFU.something.somelinenumber.) I can be more accurate when I get home.


It was meant to be convenient for less technical users, but I’ve never heard of anybody use it or complain about it, which kind of makes me think that nobody uses it. I do care, but if nobody uses it, I don’t care very much… :slight_smile:

I think it sets mass storage to on, but I’ll have to check later when I upgrade it to the latest version of ProffieOS.

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It has zero advertising.
I’m pretty sure there’s a good base that it would benefit, if they only knew.
The setup page instructions makes no mention.
Weird that the configurator page has had the Program Now button all along, but it never got clicked?!


Ok, the web programmer has been fixed and updated.
It now uses ProffieOS 6.7.

Cool! I’ll check it out this weekend.

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Initial observations to take note of:

  • Programs using Mass Storage turned on
  • ~113 character width in document area. So for any long comment lines that wrap around, the newline is considered a newline, not wrapped from previous commented line, so don’t have long comments that wrap around. Block comments using /* …*/ work fine if wrapped. All expected I suppose.

For people with less-than-easy access to the SD card, this would be a requirement.
Could be a checkbox or something though.

I don’t see why this is a problem. My browser seem to still handle long lines correctly.

I just know that I had a dashed line separator like //-------------…
That wrapped so newline began --------
This gave error Configuration is invalid. Removed line and all ok.
Mass storage and WebUSB check marks sound great.

Maybe the cut-n-paste broke the line?
Since the web programmer doesn’t show you the error messages, it’s only meant to be used with configurations from the configuration generator, which should always work.
I don’t see any reason to let newbies turn off WebUSB.

copy paste maybe. Yes of course fine for newbies.
Oh, I didn’t realize WebUSB was on also, awesome.

I just learned about this yesterday. I’ve been trying to make a video simplifying the process as much as possible so more people could load their saber up themselves, and when Brian told me about this, I was floored. Had never heard of it before. I tried it several times with a few different configs but could only ever get the sample to load. Oh, and I had to boot/reset into bootloader to do it (one of the steps I was hoping the browser eliminated). Being fairly new to this myself, I think it would be massively beneficial to newcomers over using Arduino, which they could adopt as they gained knowledge. I would LOVE to see it work properly or learn what I’m doing wrong. I really think it could be a game changer and I’d do what little I could to get the word out.


Just saw what you said about it being used with only the config in from the generator, so I will keep trying. Curious, what prop file does the generator use? I’m assuming it still does.

Configurator doesn’t specify a prop, so the default saber.h is used.
The generated config is always error free, so that’s why it works.
However, I’m trying to think of a reason why a self-made config that is also clean and error free would not work.
Need some more testing I suppose.
I think first I found was that pasting in lines that are long comments that word-wrap at the page margin cause the newline to start with plain text instead of a comment // so since there’s no need for comments, clearing them out 100% should alleviate that.
Maybe it’s a browser specific Unicode Character issue from a copy/paste operation?
But if the code was formatted correctly and error free, … in theory, it should just work, right?