STM32 BOOTLOADER Driver issue

Hi, I’m having a strange issue where when I try to update the STM32 BOOTLOADER drivers, they update then a few seconds later they just revert to the old drivers meaning I can’t upload to my board. When I look at the events in the Device Properties it shows it update to the correct WinUSB driver, then about 5 seconds later it then reverts back. Turning off automatic driver updates changed nothing. Would love help with this as I’m at a loss trying to figure out what its doing!

Reverts back to what?

GuiSTDFUDev is the driver its reverting to

Ok, so you have a Guillemot driver for a joystick and/or racing wheel installed on your computer that is taking over the STM32 BOOTLOADER driver. I’m not sure if there is a way to fix this which out uninstalling the Guillemot driver.

After searching around more I found somebody said to find the folders for Guillemot and delete those so they dont take over again, after that it let me update to the correct driver without reverting! If I use the joystick again im sure it will reinstall those but for now I can upload to my board! Thank you!

Yes, for reference, you can delete these folders:

C:\Program Files\Guillemot
C:\Program Files(x86)\Guillemot