Spinning Crystal Chamber

I am looking for information on how to install and make a spinning crystal chamber any information would be greatly appreciated thanks

Cool concept but I have not done one of these yet so sorry I can’t help.
Do you have any ideas of what parts you’d like rotating?
Ie. The crystal, structure etc.

The base around the crystal and the same for the top, but I am open to any ideas

I believe you may be able to do something with servo motors or something similar. As to if you can power these direct from the proffieboard I don’t know.
Design wise it should be fairly simple but getting it all in and working is another challenge.
Good luck though. Hope it works out for you.

Driving servoes from a proffieboard is going to be somewhat difficult until the V3 board becomes available. Most people use a small 3v-compatible gearmotor to drive the crystal. The gearmotor can then be hooked up to one of the LED pads to use PWM to change the speed. The control isn’t fantastic, but it should work.

Thanks for the information a gear motor sounds like the best option, also how should I setup a config file for a gear motor

Generally, there is no difference between driving a gear motor and driving a LED really. Just start with a style meant for a single-color LED and adjust it as needed.