Speed modifiers for the "off" effects?

Hi @Fett263
Just wondered if it would be possible to introduce a modifier to slow some of the effects down.
For accent/pcb styles when you’re dealing with maybe 5 to 10 pixels… would be nice to drop their speed down further on things like Power ripple slow or power waves / flickers

With a small pixel count the effects can be a little quick and lose their effect. If they were able to to be slowed down by 60% or 80% it would make them more calm / idle looking.

Just a thought – i don’t know if there are values in the style elements themselves that can be tweaked effectively or whether it’s built into the core of the style blocks themselves.

Just a thought

Depends entirely on the effect itself some effects have speeds, others would be various other paraemeters contributing to what you perceive as a “speed” would need the style code you’re wanting to edit specifically.

Many effects are scaled to the size of the blade, which makes them take the same speed regardless of how many LEDs you have. However, for some effects this needs to be done manually, it just sort of depends on how the effect is constructed.

There is no general way to slow effects down (yet).

Slow Turbine
Slow run Forward
Kyber Flow Up/Down

Would be 3 i use a lot for the OFF states on a 7 pixel strip (shtok one) as a backlight for a crystal chamber

Slow Turbine uses ColorCycle<> so you can adjust both the percentage of blade and rotation speed as needed

Slow Run uses TrWipe<> so you’d adjust both values in the loop

Kyber Flow Up uses Stripes<> so you can adjust both the width and scroll speed as needed

Cheers – will get reading on the parameter structure :slight_smile: