Souring microcontrollers?

Anyone know where I can source microcontrollers (QFN-48-1EP_7x7mm_P0.5mm_EP5.6x5.6mm) for creating my own proffieboard?

Normally mouser or digikey would be a good place.
However, at the moment, they (and the rest of the world) are out, so it’s going to be hard to find.

PS: The thing in the parenthesis is the name of the footprint, the name of the actual chip is called STM32L433CCU6

Thank you! Yeah. Total n00b here. Just trying to learn from the ground up

So if anyone is interested i seem to have stumbled upon this…

Says they have them in stock

Wonder what they cost?

Probably extortionate… I’ve asked for a quote.
How much would they have gone for before they all disappeared?