Sound font config.ini parameters

Can someone explain what these parameters do in the sound font config.ini file (grabbed from the OS wiki)?

### ---- These below as of OS6 only ---- ###

# Minimum acceleration for Accent Swing file Selection
#recommended value is 20.0 ~ 30.0

# Maximum acceleration for Accent Swing file Selection
#must be higher than Min value to enable selection
#recommended value is 100.0 ~ 150.0

and how does this interact with the AccentSwingSpeedThreshold=XXX in the sound font smoothsw.ini file?

It seems like these both kinda do the same function as to triggering an accent swing?

So these two values and the AccentSwingSpeedThreshold kind of do similar things, so it’s kind of weird to use both. When the swing speed hits the swing speed threshold, we measure the slope of the curve at that point. If the slope of the curve is higher than AccentSwingSpeedThreshold, then we use the slsh sounds, assuming those are available. If not, we use swing or swng sounds.

Now, these two new values ALSO operate on the slope, but instead it assumes that the swing sounds are in semi-sorted order from weakest to strongest. If the slope is near or below the min value, then we pick the first swing sound, and if it’s near or above the max value, then we pick the last swing sound.

Now, if you use both at the same time, it will do both, which means that it will pick both swings and slashes using the min/max slope values, and also use the slope value to decide if it’s going to play a swing or a slash, which is a bit weird.

Makes sense now…thank you for clarifying

Perfecto! Thanks for sharing this! I wish the Wiki had a touch more clarity on things like this. These parameters although said it was used specifically for OS6, it didn’t mention that it was for this specific feature.

(Yoda voice) Good to know these things, they are

I linked all the OS6 related stuff from this page to make it easier to find, it’s separated by feature: Introduction to ProffieOS6

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