Sound font config.ini parameter question

for OS6, a new feature has come out about font effect volume adjustment:

# Set the volume for each effect individually, in percent.
# 50 makes it half as loud. 200 makes it twice as loud. 
# Maximum allowed value is currently 255. The default is 100.
# EFFECTNAME can be "clash", “preon”, “out”, “pstoff”, etc.
# ProffieOS.SFX.EFFECTNAME.volume=100

So im assuming a typical entry in a config.ini font file would be:


But my question is, what happens when you have an entry for


…but dont have any preon sound/wav files in your font folder? Does this entry in the font config.ini simply get ignored? or does it create some sort of error?

Also, what happens if you created an entry for:


Seeing as accent swings volumes are controlled in other various parameters (thresholds), does this volume adjustment for SWNG get ignored?

First of all, it doesn’t matter if you have a preon file or not. The Effect data structure that stores the volume is always present. Second, even if it wasn’t there is currently no error message if you use a variable name that doesn’t exist, it just won’t do anything. Since some Effect structures might only be available in certain props, this is likely going to be how it always works.

Currently, swing, swingh, swingl, and possibly other effects with dynamically calculated volumes ignores this parameters. That can be fixed with a small amount of code for each effect though. Most of these dynamically calculated volumes already have their own variables for controlling the volume though.

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Thank you for clarifying all this!