Sound cracking after swings (possible bug using too many sub folders?)

I noticed some crackling noises after I loaded a couple of newly acquired fonts from Kyberphonics, specifically the father V2 and little green friend v2 fonts. I went and tried most if not all tips that are suggested to no avail. Reformat SD, High Pass filter > reduce DB > limiter… etc etc. The issue remained. I even reduced the it another full DB.

I then started looking at the format of the other fonts that I have no issues with and noticed that they used less folders. I proceeded to move all the swing files to the main font directory and the crackling went away. I’m using a Sandisk 32GB Ultra on a Proffie 2.2 if that helps any. I noticed others are seeing this crackling on the reddit forums as well and also using Kyberphonic’s fonts.

How many fonts do you have on your SD card?