Sneak Peek - New TrWipeCenter, TrWipeInCenter transitions for ProffieOS6

I’ve got two new transitions built for ProffieOS6. In the past we’ve had “Center Out”, “Center In” Ignition and Retraction effects that were created by Joining a Wipe and a Wipe In. This resulted in a decent effect but there were some limitations with this method. There was an inherent visual “lag” in the effect because one transition was obscuring the other for 50% of the animation so at first the effect was not visible until it passed the mid-point of the blade. The second limitation was that it only worked to the mid-point of the blade as it was 50% of the movement and you couldn’t take advantage of responsive positioning with BladeAngle or TwistAngle, etc.
The two new transitions are built specifically for responsive effects as they now can use any point on your blade to either expand from or retract into and the timings are now synched, even if the center point is at the end of the blade the timing will evenly balance both sides so they begin and end in synch.
This will allow you to use the Responsive Effects to change the center and then have your Center In or Center Out effects use that location in real-time.
I’ve combined these capabilities with a new version of my “Eye of Sauron” along with a new function to really improve the overall effects. Now the Preon, Ignition, Retraction and Post Off effects all stay in perfect synch with the actual Eye, which can be moved up or down the blade just by turning your hilt. No more lag or misaligned effects, everything now stays perfectly lined up and in synch in real-time as you use the responsive controls.
Still even more to come, hope you enjoy!