Should faston.wav replace out.wav?

I have not checked blade effects yet, but this only works when fastout.wav exists, not when it doesn’t.
I added a printout based on the same conditional, and indeed it never prints the false case:

      } else {
        PVLOG_NORMAL << (faston && SFX_fastout ? "**** playing fastout.\n" : "**** playing normal out.\n");
        tmp = PlayPolyphonic(faston && SFX_fastout ? &SFX_fastout : getOut());

Doing faston it prints “**** playing fastout.”
Doing normal on it prints nothing.

If fastout.wav exists:
Doing faston plays fastout.wav instead of out.wav.
Doing normal on plays out.wav (with preon first if it exists)

If fastout.wav does NOT exist:
Doing faston plays no ignition sound.
Doing normal on plays out.wav

So something about STATE_WAIT_FOR_ON is not satisfied?

** wait - now it’s working. Let me make sure’ I’m not crazy.

So in the case when it doesn’t work, what is state_ ?

Standby - I changed something and jumped the gun maybe with my post

Sounds like a long wait… :slight_smile:

Well it was certainly doing what I reported, although I don’t know what I had going on. Maybe I changed SD content via Mass Storage, then when unmounted the SD card I didn’t refresh things by changing presets or something.
TL;DR It’s working like a charm now.
Now to test EFFECT_IGNITION and things with InOutTrL.