Setting Blade ID with Proffieboard V3.9

I was used to do Blade ID with Proffie V2.2. I always added a resistor between Data1 and V3.3, so I always added a #define BLADE_ID_CLASS ExternalPullupBladeID<bladeIdentifyPin, 22770>.
But now that Proffie V3.9 has the jumped pins on Data 1 (Pin 0, Pin 1), should I do#define BLADE_ID_CLASS SnapshotBladeID<bladePin>, or do I have to do something like #define BLADE_ID_CLASS BridgedPullupBladeID<bladePin,bladeIdentifyPin>. Because I see that the pins are internally bridged, and in proffieboard_v3_config.h I saw that both Pin 0 and Pin 1 are thus defined.
I’ve been told not to define anything, but then how does the compiler knows to actually compile the Blade ID functionality?

It’s not the compiler that knows, it is proffieos:

If no BLADE_ID_CLASS is defined, it uses a default which depends on what board you are compiling for.

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