SD card not found

Just bought 2 SanDisk 32gb from a reputable seller to replace the SD cards I have that are slow.

I copied the contents to the SD card and it wasn’t found by the board.
After 10 seconds of silence : “Font directory not found” “SD card not found”

I deleted the partition of the SD already and made a new one.
Also used SD association formatter to format it but the result is the same.

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I tested the SD card on 2 different boards.
Same outcome.


  1. Does other SD cards work?
  2. This is on a V2 Proffieboard, right?
  3. What version of ProffieOS do you have?
  4. Can you try using the version from github master and add the define VERBOSE_SD_ERRORS to your config file? That will give us an error message which we can maybe use to figure out what is going on.
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  1. Yes
  2. Yes.
  3. 6.9
  4. SD CHECK 16, SD CHECK 16 blabla

Seems I lost track of this thread at some point. (sorry about that)
We’ve had a rash of these “error 16” problems, but I still don’t actually know what’s causing them.
Any updates from your side in the last weeks?

All good. I tried just about everything and I think its a mixture of the boards and sd cards compatibility wise.
I bought a bunch of micro sd’s after from the guide and they all run at no more than 11 simultaneous at 1200 max.
The kingston canvas 32gb is what I have in front of me right now for reference.
Could there have been some “cheaping out” from the manufacturers during the shortage when those boards were made? That’s the only explanation I have.

Currently, unfortunately, that is the only explanation any of us can guess.

I don’t call it “cheaping out” on the part of manufacturers as much as “alternate supply chains involving counterfeit pieces” or “less than spec materials”. My replies in a different thread show all the info we discovered looking at packaging, etc.

Above all else this is one of the BIGGEST reasons I appreciate the holding back of the V3 boards until things stabilized. I hear rumors daily about the transportation/automotive sector and the nightmares they’re having right now with electrical components and other pieces failing already that are from the 2019-Spring 2023 era. Here come the recalls and lawsuits.