“SD Card Not Found” mystery returns?

Hey everyone.

New here to the board. I was having an issue my proffie saber. I researched through threads and found one about the SD card not reading and how it might be software. I JUST changed my card to improve performance as my old one was ridiculously slow. I checked it and it was somewhere in the 300s.

Proffie V2.2 -from Crimson Dawn
One button
One blade
iMac on 10.13, 14, & 11.0.
Carbon copied everything.
No change in config.
Arduino 3.whatever the latest is.
Sandisk Ultra 32gb (whatever the recommended version is in manual) Formatted FAT32.

Boom, nothing. “Font directory not found, SD card not found”.

Troubleshot it. (No it’s not in upside down). No file names are off. No missing directory. As I said, I didn’t change anything but the card. Reflashed. Manual reset. New battery. Old battery. Erased and reformatted card. Downgraded OS to 5.4,9, then back up to earlier v of 6. Same message. Checked connection points. Still solid. Here’s the kicker…
Now NONE of my SD cards read!
So what do I do? I Research more. Try with my OTHER saber (same specs). Same thing happens to that one. Ran sdtest. Not reading through the usb port. Card reads on desktop but not through saber.

This literally happened within a few minutes of it working on the old card. The second I swapped the problem started.

It’s like my new sd card had syphilis and gave it to my sabers. And now they’re both dying of the SD Pox. My other cards are 16gb. Would the 32 not be supported for some reason (it was the only size available at the time)? Why would it make my other cards unreadable. Why would it “infect” my other saber?

Did we find a fox for this? I’ve spent 4 days on this. Any insight is appreciated. Thx!

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32Gb cards are supported.
Is the card using a GPT or DOS label/partition table? (Only DOS is supported.)
Have you tried formatting the card with the SD association SD formatter?

DOS. Made sure of that after searching threads. Also used your link for SD association in another thread yesterday. Nada. Scratching my head.

I’m getting a magnifying glass and checking solder points. At this point I’m feeling like it’s hardware. I’ve fd with it so much I may have popped a contact.

Might want to try some compressed air, could be some gunk or metal in the SD slot.