Not sure what would be discussed here as opposed to within the GitHub system, but I’ll chime in.
I bailed on trying to get AUTO_SPINS_BLAST and LOW_BATT_ONCE into the prop instead of hybrid_font.h. They’re both just fru-fru features that were more “why not” more than anything else.

I don’t see how spins, since they’re a variant of swings and don’t have an EVENT, could be detected as currently happening other than maybe something like “if the spin sound is playing, then we’re spinning”. The closest I think I got still requires modification of hybrid_font, taking the the angle_ variable out of private: but still it didn’t do any good. It only works for me with the code being in hybrid_font.
I’m a coding newb though with nothing more than observing how things are and figuring out how it works…a little bit.

LOW_BATT_ONCE was just setting a bool variable to false until lowbatt was triggered once, then it would just bypass it. Again, works great in hybrid_font.h, but i don’t know how it would be something within the prop file to take over what’s already in motion in the other file, even though it’s included and therefore somewhat part of the same file technically? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The intention here was for pull requests to automatically get imported so that people can see them and discuss them. However, it’s not working as intended yet.

Gotcha. How embarrassing LOL