Question use gestures for blades possible🤔?

Hi i have a question is it possible to to use gestures to access and switch bladestyles with let’s say twist and then scroll trough them like you do with blade colors and take the buttons out of the equation of you want to make a hilt with a hidden button :thinking:

Anything is possible if you want to code it.

Has anyone done it before? And what part does the code need to access :slight_smile: I’m having some ideas for a hilt with no visible button so it looks like the force sabers the sith uses who channels the force into a blade instead of a power core :slight_smile:

Not sure if anyone has done, info on building your own prop is here:

Now, if you’re trying to get away from buttons overall you will drastically reduce what you can do with your saber. After working to add 1 button support to my prop it was maxed out to fit everything in, going to no buttons you’ll have to drop a lot of functionality.

Creating a prop is a lot of work, because the controls are inter-related so it’s not just changing one thing it’s creating controls that work together for everything you want to do so it’s a lot of time and testing, but if you want to code it, it’s certainly “possible”.

Here’s an sa22c-based zero button prop example that you can play with , edit, and make how you want:
saber_SuperGrandor_0buttons.h (28.9 KB)

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I was going to take my regular chassi and just cover it so you can’t see it

But still have a button if I need to access it

I mean a lot functionality you’d want while actually using your saber so having a button you can’t access is pretty much the same as not having a button to me, but you can build a prop however you want.

Oh I think you misunderstood me I’ll just have a hilt where the button isn’t visible but screw it apart and push the button if you need to and to charge it kinda like this

But the button fully covered when assembled :slight_smile:

How do I exit sleep mode without a designated button because I can’t seem to turn the lgt saber on without the button when it’s timed out :thinking: and does it take away the button functions if I chose to have a 0 button code ?

OK, not sure how you’re going to use it if you have to keep unscrewing it to do things like blasts, lockups, Lightning Block, melt, drag, etc. But it’s your saber so as long as it does what you want.

Oh I’d use battle mode I suppose or probably make the hilt out of a squishy material where the button is was gonna make a pull over mold or hot glue so it would be flexible I guess :thinking: :blush:

#define MOTION_TIMEOUT 60 * 5 * 1000 you could change the 5 minutes to something really long…

Please note that standby will be reduced from a couple of months to a couple of weeks if you keep the motion chip on all the time.

Ah check:)

Hmm I tried to get it to work but no success but is there a thrust of option or a way to define it as thrust if :thinking:

These are your first steps…

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With regard to the button if you want it hidden I would look into a low profile control box that way you have it hidden and still accessible via the clamp card.



The other thing you could do is get a colour matched plunger so the button sits flush with The hilt.

That way your just configuring the saber as a 1 button setup while appearing like it’s 0 button.

This is the closest I could find to a picture of a force saber it has no visible buttons since they don’t have a power core you Chanel the force through it but I suppose I could get a saber with a smaller button

there is a spot with two rivets just above the “bone” section. there’s a place you could put a small tactile switch there and it would be hidden by the colour i’d get a small 3mm height 4x4mm tactile switch and paint it black. assuming you are going for a near similar look.

I was gonna go for something like this but I got an idea I’ll just make a hilt with small rivets and have a button hidden under one of them

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