Question about using older config files on a board with a newer OS?

I have the config file and all the SD data from a saber I bought with OS 6.5 installed. I updated the board to 7.14, and changed a bunch of stuff around but now I want to put all the original fonts/styles/setting that came with it back on. Is there a relatively quick/easy way to add all that stuff back on? In other words, since the original config file for the saber was based on 6.5, will it still work with the newer os without having to change anything? Can I just use the old config file in arduino and upload it to the board and then use all the original SD data or is there other steps I need to take?

It should just work.
Old config files should work with newer versions of ProffieOS.
It might not work 100% the same as before, it’s common for there to be some changes in button assignments between different versions of the OS, so you might need to re-learn how to use some things, but other than that it should just work.

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Awesome, thanks