Question about os6 options and the os6 testing file

Hi @Fett263 I was taking a look at the testing os6 and noticed RgbArg<BASE_COLOR_ARG,Rgb<255,0,0>> which is defaulting all the base colors to red, if I change the first of these does this need to be changed on all the other ones as well?

Why are you changing? Use Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench if you want to change the color.


To answer the actual question:
All the places in the style that uses the same argument (in this case BASE_COLOR_ARG) should generally have the same color. It’s not required, but it would be very strange if they didn’t have the same color, and it could cause weird issues. (Like some colors suddenly changing when using the workbench or edit mode.)


Yeah, sorry should have clarified more. If you’re using the test styles I provided for Beta you should use Edit Mode or Workbench to change the colors, otherwise you could introduce a bug. A few users had been trying to modify the test styles and were creating additional issues so I don’t recommend editing the test styles if you’re trying to test for Beta.

If you were building your own styles with RgbArg<> you would not want to mix colors for the same argument as profezzorn notes.

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