I found a source for cheap proffieboards on ali express and I wanted to check which run was this from?

Ali Express Proffieboard v2.2

just want to make sure it’s got all the parts.

I ordered that same one from MYBY store and it’s legit. Comes with one of those KIOXIA fast SD cards too. There are other vendors like $5 cheaper too, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯.
$22.50 with the SD card:

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At first I was going to say “I don’t know”, and explain all the reasons why.
However, I now see that the chip in the picture says STM32L431CCU6 on it, which is the wrong chip. (It’s a chip that isn’t supposed to have USB support, but apparenly does anyways??)

So, these are not from any legitimate vendor.

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so I looked at the ccsabers and they have that same part.

Well that’s sad, they didn’t ask me if they could make that substitution.
At least CCSabers have a tester, so they can make sure it works properly. (But I can’t guarantee that they actually do.) It’s possible that the Ali Express boards also comes from CCSabers, but there is no way to know.

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One more caveat:

The Proffieboard tester is designed to test as many features of the proffieboard as possible. It is not designed to test all the features of the CPU itself.

I think what happens is that ST-micro makes the same chip and labels some STM32L433 and some STM32L431. Some may be labeled that way because some part of the chip doesn’t work, so it can’t do the functions of an STM32L433 chip, while other may be labelled that way just because of supply and demand reasons.

Either way, I think it’s a bit of a gamble.

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I can confirm that the board I received from the link above, in addition to one I received in an installed hilt from AliExpress both have 431 chips. However, USB works fine, they program and seem to function normally. I didn’t try them on the actual tester.

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thanks guys, I’ll have to make a gamble or not. appreciate it.

I’ve used two of those myby ones so far and touch wood no issues. Will have to go back though which if my hilts I installed them in as I did about 5-6 installs at the same time

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that would be great.