Proper way to compile / upload with arduino-cli?

I was able to successfully upload to my Proffieboard just by specifying the board, port and sketch in my arduino-cli upload command. In the IDE, however, there are settings for USB type, DOSFS, CPU speed, optimize (smallest code), etc. Do any of these settings need to somehow be passed into the compile or upload CLI commands?

Like I said, I got it to work. I’m just worried that I might not be passing all the options I need to be, and something could potentially go wrong.

I must admit I’ve never used arduino-cli. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of documentation, and it doesn’t seem to be really finished since it’s not version 1.0 yet. Maybe this is a question better asked on the arduino forums?

I might give it a try to see if it is easier to use than “arduino-builder” though.