ProffieOS v6.3 BETA testing

Is there a way to adjust flicker contrast with the new styles? as it is, it’s very strobe like. Would like to make the flicker subtle.

Depends on the style.

Seeing as I know the questions are going to starting filling my inbox the second OS6 releases, the initial OS6 Style Library is about 90% done. I’m hoping to finish it for some Beta testing in the next week or two.
It’s a completely new framework on top of converting everything to the new syntax so it’s taking me time to build and test. My rough plan will be an initial release with a handful of styles I have ready and then ongoing updates to expand the library over the next few months or longer. I have 100s of ideas but need time to build them and test so the library will start out small and then grow quite a bit as I get time to work on the styles.
Once the library is ready I’ll formally announce and probably need some beta testers as there’s even more new code in the library then there was in my prop. More to come…


Thank you Fredrik, Fernando, No Sloppy, and everyone else. The only issue I am having still is WEBUSB on my Proffie 3.7. Other than that, I’ve been having fun with OS6. No problems in saber functions.


Humpflicker, audioflicker and random flicker.

I see the color option, but there is no flicker color definition as I am used to with the older versions. What should be modified so the darker part is brighter to reduce the contrast while flickering?

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I’ve started a new thread now that we’re out of BETA:

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In edit mode, if selecting a retraction style, it will show one, then stay retracted and kick you out of edit mode.

Also, is there a way to limit options to those available instead of 32000+?

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Currently no, but you can use Scale<> to get a more reasonable range.

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Hey if you need help with anything count me in. If you need assistance with the site also count me in.

6.3 successfully uploaded to the saber. Had a lock-up on a smoke blade style, but couldn’t reproduce ia second time. Didn’t have any additional problems, but I’ll test more tomorrow.

Did you rotate left to 32000+ option and then click or hold any buttons when this happened? I think I know the cause but need a little more info on exactly what you did because it shouldn’t kick you out of Edit Mode. Can you replicate and document what you did and/or hook up to Serial Monitor?

It depends on the specific style. The “Two Color” styles with ALT_COLOR_ARG are designed to let you adjust, the others you would have to rebuild to do this.

Are we expecting to simply plop in our old config file/prop files and have this work on an older (not 3.0) board?

Im finding that not to be the case, but in case you want to support this sort of thing Im not going to mess with it yet.

Depends what you’re expecting? For the majority of the new functionality you need to use my OS6 prop. OS6 runs on v1.5, v2.2 or v3.7 boards but you need to set everything up AND use updated styles to enable most of the features. Your older config should compile and run fine but it will not enable new capabilities.
For Edit Mode and other new style features you’ll need new styles as older styles will not support. As noted above the library is still in development so if you need new styles you can use the test styles linked in the documentation in first post or wait for the library to be released.
There’s a lot of new features, anyone trying to update really should read through all documentation linked from here first.

I intend to look at most of it, starting with Dynamic Blade length, but out of the box none of the WS2811s power on. Im totally fine with troubleshooting since this seems to be the case.
I have a 2.2 board.

Weird… on attempt 2 it works fine. Must have been my screwup somewhere

For the life of me, I cannot find the link to the test styles.

Under Edit Style Set Up on Edit Mode documentation

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Found it, thank you!

@Fett263 , it works pretty well on TeensySaberV3 too! For the most part

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