ProffieOS 7.x pre-alpha discussion

Confirmed. Dumber editor shows expected content, thanks.

Usually the smarter editors have a “view” menu of some kind where you can select how you want to see the contents of the file.

Verified KILL_OLD_PLAYERS works as intended.

Will OS 6 fett263 bladestyles and config not compile in os7? I got tons of errors. Config is fine in OS6.

There doesn’t appear to be any presets in your config.

I had so many errors, had to remove presets from original post. I removed all the ticked info, because it was too much.

Maybe pastebin? I’m in the middle of a ton of additions to my prop for OS7 so it’s possible something is missing, but need the actual config and error to track it down. Everything from OS6 should work but I am adding bits and pieces of the new features in small batches for Fredrik to review, so it’s possible something in the prop is either incomplete or we have a bug that needs fixing. The current master is in flux currently as we prep for Alpha testing.

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I will try later after more stabile. I have one proffie 2.2 with sd card not found. font directory not found error. Was fine on 5.9. Was going to test it on 7.x Ill just revert to 5.9.


@MegtoothSith try this config. It’s what I am currently running.
*You may have to adjust for pins and disable USB towards blade.

If we want to test the pre-alpha, all we need to do is go to Code>Download Zip on the GitHub, right? I’d like to test a bit with some of the new defines, as well as my existing x6.7 setup.

That is correct.

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Is the OS7 pre-alpha open to everybody? (I’m very new to proffie and wanted to try out the alt sounds for kyber select 2.0)

Absolutely, just head over to github and get it.
Please be warned that stuff is not tested or documented, so problems are not entirely unexpected. If you have problems, make sure to let us know so we can fix them.

I might be looking in the wrong spot but i couldn’t find anything that said OS7 or pre-alpha?

The pieces necessary for Kyber Select 2.0 have not been merged yet.

Ah okay, I cant wait for when OS7 comes out all the new features sound amazing

You go here and click the green “Code” button, then Download ZIP.

if there was a way to use txt files for configs and use graphic files for led display. it would totally remove the limits of the number of fonts you can have. also increase the use of LED features.


yes, this is how led displays have always worked

Let me rephase that… Style config and blade length And maybe other settings but for sure their are a lot of things that need to be baked into the programer.

So we can put graphics files on the SD to use with an lcd?!?!