ProffieOS 7.x pre-alpha discussion

I wonder if polyphony is an option.

Of course it is.

I found and fixed a bug in the code.
Does it work better now?

… Omg you just blew my mind. That’s what it was. The aliens are here.

I mean for beeps?

:wink: It would be sweet if the constant blade id idea manages to pass muster and make it in.

loved the Close Encounters! Most are too old to remember that classic.

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So the current code only has one beeper, and that beeper can only do one beep at a time. However, there is absolutely nothing stopping us from changing the code to create more beepers, or making the one beeper capable of playing more than one beep at a time.

I just don’t think there is a reason to do so.

It’s already in, now we just have to make it work… :slight_smile:

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The updated default fonts.

Yes it did! (Sorry for the delay but the crucible was down for me this morning).

On a completely separate issue, the scanids are all over the place. Is it possible that by using an illuminated PCB with data mirror, it might be “leaching” resistance? I’ve noticed that it even changes from session to session. But it might be that since there is a preset with extended blade running, that current makes weird readings. Any ideas on that? It might be better if we could make the Blade ID run only while the blade is retracted. But save for what it must be a hardware issue, it seems to be working just fine.
I will have to try on other hilts. I haven’t had time to sand down my blades. The TCSS tubes are all oversized by about 0.2mm and some of my hilts are ridiculously undersized (MPP2.5, I’m looking at you). So swapping blades is not a simple act. I might have to pay a visit to a friend with a lathe to be able to sand down 10 blades in reasonable time. :man_facepalming:

Do you have a pullup resistor?
That can make the values behave better…

I’m starting a seperate thread for this new BladeID stuff. I have questions.

I have a 22k between Data1 and 3.3V. Plus the line:

#define BLADE_ID_CLASS ExternalPullupBladeID<bladeIdentifyPin, 22000>

Tester marks 21790 Ohms between the pads. So I assume the mirrored PCB must be the problem.

New subject, but it belongs in this thread.
I’ve had this happening before, but it went away (I think) and now it’s back
I have MOTION_TIMEOUT 60 * 5 * 1000 set, yet at exactly 20 seconds from retraction, I am getting Motion disable.

I don’t know where to look.

Does it work when using “scanid” when the blade is off?
The new code could be all sorts of buggy, but blade ID has to work properly without the new code first… :slight_smile:

MOTION_TIMEOUT is a prop thing, so I guess start looking in the prop?
I assume you’re using your prop?

Hi. Just reporting a possible bug. When I press Aux, 2 blst sounds trigger simultaneously. I know this because on some fonts I have quotes instead of traditional blaster sounds. This is the case with and without Battle Mode. Thanks!

Do you have the latest 7.x from github?
What does your config look like?