ProffieOS 7.8 - Idle Hum randomly dies (and other minor audio dropout)

@NoSloppy No stigma attached. I just see a lot of new users having Macs and going through the exact same things I did. That’s why I pointed out a video that is rarely referenced. I apologize if my reply read that way.

On the diagnostic commands yeah, if you don’t reactivate them you’re not gonna get a readout. So since the OP never mentioned in the original post nor was I’d commented out in the linked config so I brought it up.

As to confusion happening honestly that’s why I’ve mentioned twice before that there needs to be more Mac oriented information in the instructionals. The hobby has seen exceptional growth and topics like this are an opportunity to remind ourselves we need to put the instructional sup for the users to reference.

@nhatch96 No worries, unless the concern I confused ya exists. :innocent: Definitely try out a new SD. I can say since setting my MacBook up with 13.4.1 and doing as I said I’ve had zero issue w the dead hum like I used to.

*Serial + WebUSB is also nice. It doesn’t mount the SD and the card reader/writer I went with is covered in a different topic if you wanna try that out. It will load up over 75 font packs in less than a minute. :+1:

@Revo maybe I’m still learning to search the forum but I haven’t been able to find the topic where you discussed a good SD card reader, would you mind linking me the reader or the topic? Thanks!

Are you talking about running sdtest?
That wasn’t mentioned anywhere here.

It seems unlikely that the reader will make a difference, but readers are basically free with your cereal, so you might as well get another one, that way you can rule out the reader being the problem.

A new SD card seems like a good idea, at worst, you’ll find out that the sd card is NOT the problem, and then you’ll have one for your next saber… :slight_smile:

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@nhatch96 Here you go, it’s actually a multi-port pro. Apple had a screaming deal on it in Winter.

It’s hyper-linked in this topic reply.

There’s also the smaller/cheaper Type-C I’ve seen used.

Hey all! I come bearing good news. I got the Patriot micro SD cards recommended in the Proffie V2 manual, formatted them with the SD official formatter, and copied files over from the old SD card. The audio performance works MUCH better now, with hiccups being reduced to every few seconds to once noticeably in 40 minutes of use. So my takeaways from all this is the following:

  1. Make sure Arduino USB setting does not have Mass Storage, as a general rule.

  2. Format with the official SD formatter. Had no idea there was a difference, but the SD formatter, as opposed to Disk Utility on MacOS seems to be more careful and is optimized for SD products. I understand @NoSloppy’s initial ask with the link better now.

  3. If issues like those described above appear, definitely just try getting a new SD card, because that essentially fixed my issues.

I think all the constant ejecting (because I had mass storage selected in Arduino USB settings) damaged my SD card, nothing else I did was out of the ordinary. I have some other minor bugs to report in the Fett263 corner, but my saber is now working better than ever! Cheers folks!



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