ProffieOS 7.7 Beta (done)

Unrelated, but this isn’t true thankfully.
Use of a font sold to an individual is per individual, not per hilt.
If you were to sell a hilt with said font, then you should either purchase a second copy of the font and pass the cost onto the buyer, or sell your copy (and therefore right to use) and delete all copies in your possession.
I hope this puts some relief on your poor wallet :slight_smile:

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This is on OS7 beta?
If you have boot image in the font search path of the preset it is booting up in, there’s no reason the default boot screen “ProffieOS version N” should show, unless for some reason it couldn’t read it off the SD card in time, which would be weird especially if you’re hearing a boot.wav.

Should I use then this?


Yep, 7.3. As I said before, this only happens on the first boot after a new programming. I’m using an on/off switch to actually reboot afterwards and then the boot animation is displayed correctly. I will make a video later so you can see what I mean. I think it’s probably something about the bootstapping of the OS the first time.

Ok, I made a new 7.4 zip file with three new bugfixes:

  • There was a problem with save files, which would basically make act as if KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING was true
  • There was a problem with the motion code, this problem would primarily affect twist motions, but other things were probably affected too
  • The error beep codes had some musical mistakes, fixed by NoSloppy

From the latter half of this thread. It’s not necessarily an issue, only an observation.

There is a difference between Fett’s builder #define BOOT_VOLUME (10 is the minimum in the builder scale) and lowest OS7 volume. Not that they NEED to match. I get that it’s an an arbitrary scale. It’s nice to have a super low volume for playing around though. At least on boot with that #define, it’s quite stealthy. Subsequent ignitions are still low, just not whisper quiet. As Fett explained in the other thread, fancy math stuff happening.

I don’t understand this. What do you mean OS7’s minimum volume?
That would be zero.
If you mean The volume menu, the minimum is calculated as your VOLUME setting * 0.1.
So if you have 1500 set in the config, the min in the volume menu is going to be 150.
2000 → 200 and so on.
BOOT_VOLUME 10 is the equivalent of having your config VOLUME set to 100 and using the volume menu to go to minimum…which would be 10.

I’m sorry, yes the volume menu.

Fett explained, but I wasn’t quite grasping it. Figured best to let it go.

A sliding scale based upon the config max volume makes sense now👍 I’m used to dealing with different physical engineering issues, not variable software max/min values. But I get it.

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Is it possible that something changed wrt file management? I upgraded a hilt from 6.7 to 7.4. I sudendly started getting font error (the OLED was great help displaying it). But didn’t saw anything wrong. So I got into the serial monitor, and stated that there was a problem with preon files, that one was missing. It’s just an upgraded font (JuanSith’s ObiTPM), and he had improved the preon01.wav, thus I renamed the old as preon1.old.wav and put the new one. This created a problem apparently that was not present on 6.7.

It’s likely seeing up to the first dot, and not caring anymore about file extension that may follow because we’ve already got a problem.
I would’ve probably named it preon01OLD.wav, which is an actual invalid file name that will be ignored, yet stay in an alphabetical list next to where it belongs (as opposed to OLDpreon01.wav, which would end up before on.wav.)

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Good to know why. But was also reporting the deviation wrt 6.7.Those little things should I report or deviations on things that are invalid anyways should not be reported?

I don’t know, but I had to look up “wrt” once I realized it’s not a typo. :crazy_face:

I’d say reporting anything you feel is reportable is good.

There has been some changes in this code to support alt sounds and subsubdirs.
I think this particular case is a bit weird and unusual, so I don’t think I’m going to try to fix it.
However, if you find an existing font that works with 6.x but doesn’t work with 7.x (without any file renames.) then please let me know and I will definitely do something about it.

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Style editor 7.x beta:

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There are 181 bullet points in the top post.
There are 22 “tested by” in the top post.
It’s been 52 days since the top post was posted.

If the current rate keeps up, Proffie OS 7.x will be released in (181 - 22)*52/22 = 375 days.

Now I’ve been writing documentation and working on the style editor, so things should speed up a bit once I start working on testing, but still, it would be nice to have more testing help.

I’ve tested ChargingStylePtr - works great. :+1:

When I use BOOT_VOLUME 100 I get ridiculously low volume. May be I’m using it wrong? I’m also struggling with a KR board that refuses to read SDs. But that’s probably not OS 7.

It should be the same as if you set VOLUME to 100. Except of course that if you use BOOT_VOLUME you can increase the volume afterwards (assuming VOLUME is higher than BOOT_VOLUME.)

Wait, if I use #define VOLUME 1500 I should set #define BOOT_VOLUME 1500 to get the same volume? I had read it was 0-100%.

Well, if you want 100% volume on boot, then just don’t set BOOT_VOLUME at all, but yes, BOOT_VOLUME has the same range as VOLUME, it’s not a percentage. Where did you read that?