ProffieOS 7.13

Ok, I have zip file for ProffieOS 7.13 available here:

It is the same as 7.12, plus two changes:

  • “list_fonts” is now faster and more accurate, allowing edit mode and the workbench to find fonts where the hum lives in an alt directory.
  • A bugfix for preset.ini writing which prevents weird results when using save directories.

I’d like a few people to download the zip file and install it to make sure I didn’t mess up the release process, then I’ll update my site and github to point to this new version.


Will test when I get home this afternoon and report back.
I’m guessing we should also be using Arduino 2.x and the newest plugin? Or should 7.13 work with 1.8.9 and the previous plugin?

7.13 is a minor release, that means that it should work everywhere that 7.12 does. There are no new features, only bugfixes.

Just test it with whatever you normally use. :slight_smile:

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@Sabersense :shushing_face: It works but yeah please cross test.

@BK_Saber Wanna try it out too please? This one involves the blade detect bit.

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Just tried it and seems to work OK. Though didn’t make any difference to the weird crystal chamber thing I posted about. :confused: But other than that, so far so good. :slight_smile:

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Tested it thoroughly and didn’t run into any issues :grinning:

Nice, I will update my website and github later today.

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I have updated my website and github to show 7.13 as the latest stable release.


I just wanna be sure to openly thank you for the help getting Blade Detect where it needed to be so other’s will openly start using it more. The added user interface experience it gives is just plain fun.

“Thanks Sir!”

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I recently updated to 7.13 from 7.12 and noticed I was having an issue where every time I would put the blade in after turning on the saber, there would be a small delay in ignition. I.E., I would press the Power Button or use Twist On, and ignition would not happen until after about 3 seconds later. This only started happening after I went to 7.13.

I updated back to 7.12 and it is no longer doing said issue. Not sure if it is something with the OS or just something I did wrong.

This sounds like the sort of delay that happens when ProffieOS has to create a new savefile.
If so, it would happen exactly twice and then go away.

You may be right, it’s just weird because I have never noticed it before. It should happen exactly twice every time I power the saber? Or just twice at all?

How many times it actually occurs depends a bit on how your saber is configured. In most cases it’s two times, after that it should never have to do it again unless you delete the savefiles or format the SD card.

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