ProffieConfig Version 1.5 - Major Updates!

Introducing ProffieConfig Version 1.5!


ProffieConfig is an All-In-One Proffieboard Configuration and Flashing utility aimed at simplifying the proffie experience, especially for new users. :slight_smile:

This is a major release with a ton of changes!

  • Added new application icon and added version metadata to Windows executable (yay, aesthetics!)
  • Fixed button sizes for “+” and “-” on Windows, which were previously very small
  • Enforce lowercase preset names (particularly to prevent confusion for OLED, which btw…)
  • Added SSD1306 OLED Support (Finally!)
  • Fixed macOS resource loading issues
  • Added a pre-checker for verifying config settings before moving to compile.
    • This aims to catch errors and present them in a human-readable manner
    • The goal is to expand this pre-checker over time to find various errors with the goal of avoiding confusing compiler errors ever reaching the end user
  • Added “Buttons” button (makes sense, right?) to the Prop page to show controls for the current-selected prop
    • A fairly basic implementation right now, only changing based on number of buttons, but provides an easy way for the user to get a good idea of most, if not all, controls.
  • Added tool tips… lots of tool tips! Virtually every setting in ProffieConfig now has a little tool tip to describe what it is and/or how to use it, hopefully clearing up confusion when trying to use settings.
  • Added the ability to re-order presets to choose what order they are selected in ProffieOS. Previously the only way to reorder was to manually copy/paste entire presets over.
  • Added confirmation when closing ProffieConfig to avoid accidentally losing changes
  • Here’s the big one: Blade Awareness support!
    • This includes Blade ID and Blade Detect support in ProffieConfig, allowing the user to customize several blade arrays with their own preset arrays for each different blade… and/or no blade, just as is possible manually with the config file!
    • Different blade detect mode are supported, as well as continuous detection

I’ve still got more planned, but this is a major step in my opinion in the tool’s usefulness, and if there’s any questions or issues that come up, please feel free to put them on the GitHub or right here, and I’ll respond to them ASAP.

I’ll also be putting any updates regarding this release in this thread.


Version 1.5.1 has been released which updates ProffieConfig’s ProffieOS version to v7.13


I don’t see the .exe in the zipped folder. Did I miss something?

Once you unzip the folder you should be left with a “ProffieConfig” folder. Inside that folder is the ProffieConfig executable (it’ll be right beside the “resources” folder).

I just double checked downloading from the posted link and it’s there, so lmk if you’re unable to find it! :slight_smile:

Am I nuts? I tried a few times though, so I’d love to know what the user error is here. Thanks!

Oh! You’ve downloaded the source code, not the application!

If you followed the download link in the docs, there should be a few different downloads there. Since it looks like you’re on windows, you’ll want If you were on the main github page and found the wrong button, here’s the correct page to find current releases: ProffieConfig Releases

Thank you, and apologies on the user error.

I’ll certainly connect with you on any feedback I have going forward. Kudos on creating such a great tool!

Awesome, glad to hear you got it, it’s no problem at all.

Thanks, for sure lmk of anything that comes up or ideas you have!

1.5.1 still highest MacOS version, yes?

Yesn’t. 1.5.3 is the latest release, but I should have posted here about it:

Discovered a little bit ago the macOS build of 1.5.x has a fatal bug when importing configurations, so while 1.5.2 is posted for macOS, if the import functionality is needed 1.4.x is recommended for the time being.

I’ve been working to push 1.6.0 out as that resolved the import issue (it was complex enough that backporting to 1.5.x didn’t seem viable), but I got busy and progress has been slower than I would have liked. As I was going through the onboarding, I discovered several UX things I felt were clunky, so while most of the 1.6.0 features are there, I have changes I need to make before I can publish a proper release.

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