Proffieboard V3 Smoothswing not working or delay on some fonts

Yes, it’s happening every time when attached to battery, only for the sound fonts I sent you. I’ll try reformatting the sad card.

I do use a mac. Directory structure is just the typical ~/fonts/fontname setup as expected.

Or total lack thereof? CFX fonts should have a font_config.txt file in them.

While it seems so far this will likely end up being a CFX font issue, I’ll chime in on this part.

@builder the best process for SD cards is generally to use this formatter app:

Then you just drag your files to the SD and things should be fine.
However, (and I do not remember the specific symptom that the following may help alleviate), but you could remove invisible resource files that MacOS deposits on the SD card when copying to a FAT32 formatted SD card.

This is more of a “trick up your sleeve” to try if nothing else seems to help the issue, but it can’t hurt anything. (well, unless you don’t follow the steps below exactly and end up deleting your whole hard drive :open_mouth: You’ve been warned! :crazy_face: )

First, of course, make sure you have a backup of your SD contents somewhere safe if you care anything about your stuff.
You’d open a command line (that’s Applications/
Type cd (that’s cdSPACE) then drag your mounted SD card icon to the Terminal window (this auto-completes the path for you).
Then type find . -type f -name '.*' -delete and hit enter
This will delete a bunch of unneeded files and might help speed up or address your issue.

Awesome! One thing is I never formatted the sd card. It came pre formatted from KR sabers. I just copied some fonts over in their folder. It’s totally possible a mac may have screwed it up on copy though.

So I tried these all out but still running into the font problem for the CFX fonts. Strange indeed.

Could you maybe take a video of the problem?
I did try to replicate the problem, but maybe i missed something?