Proffieboard v2.2 doesn’t work after upload

I bought a saber from Artsabers, followed all the step on the

For v2.2 and now it doesn’t work.

The battery has charge, the saber used to say “directory not found” when I had it plugged in and the SD card removed. Now, it doesn’t say anything.

My PC recognizes the Proffieboard as such and in bootloader. I have the Arduino file set so the correct config file as well but no matter what I do I get no sounds

Pull up the serial monitor and try get_volume and beep commands.

When I enter beep, it’s just blank. When I enter get_volume Arduino locks ups until I reset the saber

That is weird.
get_volume should just print out the current volume.
I cannot think of any possible reason why it would lock up.
Do other commands work? Like dir or help ?

Actually, get_volume comes up as blank as well

Do you have “newline” selected in the bottom right of your serial monitor?

I’m trying the other commands atm

Yes. I have new line on

Help and die just come up as blank as well

It seems the serial monitor isn’t working.
A few things to try.

  1. Try removing the SD card.
  2. Try re-programming the board
  3. If you’re using windows, check your serial driver

More information: Where's my port? · profezzorn/ProffieOS Wiki · GitHub

So the Bootloader had the suggested driver, but the CDC Data had a driver starting with 10.0… I put it to the suggested driver, and I am trying to reprogram it without the SD, currently it’s saying “Uploading to I/O board”

The “suggested” driver is whatever windows uses by default.

Sorry, I mean the driver we are supposed to use on Zadig

WinUSB v6.1.7600.16385

Why would you use that on the CDC port?
Go delete the device.

It’s not something I chose, it’s default when I plug in the Proffieboard, even after deleting the device and re-plugging it in it still comes as CDC Data.

Well, yes, CDC Data is normal, but the driver associated with it should be a serial driver, not WinUSB.
And you shouldn’t use zadig on the CDC device.

I misread what you said originally, i did notice yours showed up as serial mine does not. It only shows up as CDC. I did delete it tho

So, maybe I found the issue(I still don’t know how to fix it).

But, in Arduino line 24 is

#define CONFIG_FILE “config/mysaber_config.h” by default. I had my config file set to match that, however if I change the name of my config file, and change line 24 to match.

File name mysaber1.h

Line 24

#define CONFIG_FILE “config/mysaber1.h”

It tells me there is no directory or file.

So either you are editing the wrong file, Arduino is using the wrong file, or the config file is actually named something else.