Proffieboard speaker pad are bridge

Hey if the speakers are bridged whats the worst that could happen?

Mostly distorted/low sound, depending on how bridged.

I can’t see the bridge. The pads arent bridged. On either side

What are the symptoms?

nothing so far just didn’t want to blow it up as I finished. everything is wired just testing without the battery.

Sometimes you can have issues if any of the contacts are touching metal, for example if the speaker solder is in contact with the inside of the hilt.

I would just test it.

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It WAS working but was getting weird results but i ripped off one speaker pad. I’ll test the serial monitor tomorrow but turns out the speaker was fine.

If the speaker pads are shorted, the short-circuit protection in the amplifier is supposed to kick in and stop anything from getting damaged. However, that protection seems to only 99% safe, so in some cases you end up damaging the amplifier anyways if you short the speaker pads together.

I removed the speaker and the wires I’ll get back to yall but put this as solved.

thanks peeps.