Proffieboard or teensysaber also board question

Ive been working on some custom hilts and the chip shortage has me at a stand still and was wondering about the performance difference between proffie v2 and teensy v3. Are they comparable also was looking at my stock of teensy boards and was wondering if a teensy 4.0 could be subbed for the teensy 3.2 or 3.5
Any thoughts or tips?

For raw CPU performance, proffieboards and teensys 3.x are pretty similar. The proffieboards have an FPU, but the teensys run at a higher Mhz. I have made a fair number of optimizations that currently only works on proffieboards though, which gives the proffieboards a bit of an edge in performance.

However, the teensy 4.x is something else entirely, they run at a MUCH higher speed, and they have an FPU, and a lot of memory. Joining a teensysaber with a teensy 4.x may be possible, but: some pins (like analog out) has moved, also, proffieOS currently does not support audio out and neopixels on the teensy 4.x, so there is some work to do on the software side before this can work properly.

Another drawback of the 4.x boards is that they are not 5v tolerant, which means you have to be really careful not to get battery power anywhere on the board, as that will most likely fry the board.

Thank you for the info, Ill keep working on the 3.2/5 project. Any thoughts on if there will be support for the 4.0?

I don’t have any immediate plans to do that. But I would definitely help if someone else wanted to work on it. Some of it is a bit tricky to do though.

I would pounce on that, but basic programming is my limit. Hope some can help with it though.

I took a look at how hard it would be to use a Teensy4 with a teensysaber.
From what I can tell, it’s only the digital audio pins that have changed, which means that those three pins would have to be replaced with wires that go to other places. Almost everything else should pretty much work as is. Besides that, all that is needed is needed is to fix the neopixel support.

I figured it might need that done. I had seen where the 3.5 has the same issue. If i were better at coding I would take a crack at it. Also if using the 3.5 or the 4.0 can you use the onboard sd slot without os mods?

The Teensy 3.5 should work with a TeensySaber V3 without any modifications.
A TeensySaber V2 would need a little mucking with the analog audio output, but the V3 doesn’t use that pin at all…

The teensy 3.2 neopixel support also works on a teensy 3.5 or 3.6.

Ty for the info. I think ill try the 3.5, just need to check on teensysaber parts. Hopefully between all the suppliers i may be able to put some boards together.