Proffieboard No Serial

When I connect my board to my PC in ProffieOS, it shows as only a USB Composite Device, no serial device. The composite device is unable to start with error code 10.

BOOT+RESET into bootloader, STM32 Bootloader is recognized, no errors.
Running the Arduino config with the correct parameters results in a port busy error.
But the port that is busy is COM1 which is the only com port available, and definitely isn’t the proffie board.
This is either in bootloader or ProffieOS mode.
	at cc.arduino.packages.uploaders.SerialUploader.uploadUsingPreferences(
	at cc.arduino.UploaderUtils.upload(
Caused by: Error touching serial port 'COM1'.
	at cc.arduino.packages.uploaders.SerialUploader.uploadUsingPreferences(
	... 5 more
Caused by: jssc.SerialPortException: Port name - COM1; Method name - openPort(); Exception type - Port busy.
	at jssc.SerialPort.openPort(
	... 6 more

Okay, strange update.

I uninstalled the com port 1 in Device manager and restarted the computer.
After restart it was still there. Attempted to flash again with the same error as before.
Then I uninstalled com port 1 again, but didn’t restart my PC. After restarting arduino, it still listed com port 1, but device manager didn’t. I then connected my proffie board in bootloader mode and it flashed successfully.

And now the com port and serial device show up as normal, and the ProffieOS drive even mounts.